TransVirginia Bike Route


Region: Viriginia

Season: April to October

Miles: 567  |   Elevation: 47,284’

Days Out: 5-9  |  Tire Size: 40mm-2.2””

Difficulty: 6/10 Physical   |  4/10 Technical


Ride from DC to Damascus to cross Virginia in 565 miles on mostly unpaved country and forest roads, double track and rail trails. Explore Virginia’s best backcountry riding on this new gravel bikepacking and touring route focused on rideable, non-technical, unpaved terrain intended for multi-day trips carrying overnight gear. The route traverses a variety of challenging climbs in remote areas of VA’s beautiful mountains, national forests and public lands.

The Flint Hills Traverse


Region: Kansas and Oklahoma

Season: September to November, March to June

Miles: 475 |  Elevation: 23,500′

Days Out: 5-8  |  Tire Size: 1.75″-3″”

Difficulty: 6/10 Physical   |  5/10 Technical


Scenic, rugged, and beautiful rock, gravel and dirt road bikepacking adventures in Kansas. Your travels will take you along the geological spine of the Flint Hills, a distinct ecoregion with the densest coverage of intact native tallgrass prairie in North America.

Capes of the Canyon – South Rim


Region: Northern Arizona

Season: Late April – Early June; September – October

Miles: 237   |  Elevation: 11,950′

Days Out: 4-6  |  Tire Size: ≥ 2.5 – 2.8” (2.3” Minimum) ”

Difficulty: 4/10 Physical   |  5/10 Technical


The Capes of the Canyon on the South Rim provides a backcountry ride through the southern landscape of Grand Canyon National Park and Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni National Monument. From pinyon-juniper grasslands blanketing the base of Red Butte to towering ponderosa stands along the Coconino Rim that spill to limestone at Canyon edge, this route provides bikepackers an opportunity to see the Grand Canyon region.

Capes of the Canyon – North Rim


Region: Northern Arizona

Season: Early Summer, Fall

Miles: 610   |  Elevation: 42,060′

Days Out: 10-17  |  Tire Size: ≥ 2.2″2.5 – 2.8″ (2.3″ Minimum)rdquo;

Difficulty: 7/10 Physical   |  6/10 Technical


Ride from the desert base of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument at 3100 feet to the subalpine meadows and sprawling aspen forests of the Kaibab Plateau at 9200 feet. In-between, it weaves a circumference dirt tour of North Rim viewpoints along the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Rollin’ and Tumblin’


Region: Southern New Mexico

Season: Late April to September

Miles: 151  |   Elevation: 15,235’

Days Out: 2-4  |  Tire Size: 1.7-2.6””

Difficulty: 7/10 Physical   |  3/10 Technical


Primarily using well maintained gravel, this high altitude route offers respite from the summer heat in the surrounding lowlands. Endless climbs along creeks, through aspen groves, and past elk herds, are only broken up momentarily when passing through tiny mountain villages. Climb, descend, repeat.

The Monumental Loop


Region: Southern New Mexico

Season: October to March

Miles: 250  |   Elevation: 8,850’

Days Out: 4-5  |  Tire Size: 2.2’”

Difficulty: 6/10 Physical   |  7/10 Technical


The Monumental Loop takes in all that Organ Mountain Desert Peaks National Monument has to offer and links it together with dirt roads through the Rio Grande Valley. Small towns full of spicy food break up the solitude of the desert.

Babad Do’ag Backroads


Region: Southern Arizona

Season: October to March

Miles: 138   |  Elevation: 7,984“

Days Out: 2-4  |  Tire Size: ≥ 2.2″”

Difficulty: 6/10 Physical   |  6/10 Technical


A sampler of everything the Tucson area has to offer from our paved bike paths to a very short section of the AZT trail. The ride can be done in 2 to 4 days depending on how hard to want to push and your ability to carry water. The route allows you to pedal from town without needing any vehicle shuttling for those flying in for some great winter weather.