Zoey (she/her, Winthrop, WA) developed a strong aversion to biking as a child as she was dragged on a tag-a-long behind her parents on the White Rim and on a variety of other heinous family biking adventures. After swearing off the stuff in her youth, Zoey began a cautious re-exploration of mountain biking as an adult, which unexpectedly turned into a love for two wheeled adventure. Her bikepacking story began with strapping homemade bags to an old school 90’s Fuji Tahoe and heading into the mountains of Idaho. It evolved into strapping much improved homemade bags to the same bike and touring a loop of the Western Wildlands and the Great Divide Mountain Bike routes in 2023. Post loop, Zoey relocated from Salt Lake City to the North-Central region of Washington. She hopes to dive deep into the existing community in her new home, and contribute to the creation and expansion of an open, inclusive group of excited biker people!