The Bikepacker’s Guide, 2nd Edition (PDF or EPUB version)


First published in 2015 the Bikepacker’s Guide was the first guidebook dedicated to bikepacking. Now revised in this 2nd Edition, the book still breaks down trip planning and bikepacking skills and now includes additional resources on navigation, positive impact practices, mindset, and all the checklists you need for a successful bikepacking trip. Whether you are a first-time bikepacker looking for guidance or an experienced bikepacker looking for new ideas, this book offers resources for all. Stories from a variety of bikepackers contribute inspiration and perspective to help and encourage you to get out on your first, or next, bikepacking adventure!

87 pages of resources, tools, and inspiration, available in PDF or EPUB versions.

If you would like a print copy, you can find the handy, full-color 5”x 8.5” paperback version here.

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The guide was written by Kaitlyn Boyle and published in 2023 in collaboration with Salsa Cycles.

The digital guide is available for a $10 donation to Bikepacking Roots.

Accessibility is important to us. If the cost of this guide is prohibitive for you, please email us at [email protected].