Bikepacking Roots regularly surveys the bikepacking community to better understand who bikepackers are, what they need and want, and how we can best support them.


Thank you to everyone who responded to the 2022 Bikepacking Community Survey. Check back here for the next Bikepacking Community Survey in 2024.

Key Themes From the 2022 Survey


  • Bikepackers Value Bikepacking Roots’:
    • Well-Designed Routes
    • Advocacy and Stewardship Efforts
    • Inclusivity


  • Bikepackers Would Like Bikepacking Roots to:
    • Create Shorter and Easier Routes, Closer to Cities and Beyond the Mountain West
    • Host More Local Events and Community Building Opportunities
    • Share More Rider Stories and Content
  • Bikepackers Believe that the Biggest Threats to Bikepacking Are:
    • A Lack of Access, Especially Threats to Public Lands
    • Cost, or the Perceived Cost of Gear
    • Climate Change
    • Vehicles


We hear you loud and clear.

Stay tuned for our next steps to tackle these challenges.