Andy (he/him, Morgantown, WV) is a Midwestern native who found his way to the mountains.  He serves as the Director of Outdoor Community Development for the West Virginia University’s Smith Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative.  Whether it was leading trips across the country for outdoor programs, as a dedicated volunteer and advocate, or helping communities and businesses harness the power of outdoor recreation to enhance their quality of life and grow their local economy, he has spent his career working to educate and inspire people to see the outdoors as more than just recreation.  His interests are founded on a willingness and opportunity to share his passion and commitment for outdoor economic and community development efforts that better the communities he lives and works in.  When not working to cultivate, create, and support growing the outdoor community in his home region, he enjoys traveling with his family in their Sprinter van, exploring new routes and rides with friends, navigating the many rivers in WV, and spending some quality time in the mountains with his fly rod.