Andres (he/him, Mancos, CO) is a Senior Consultant at Training Resources for the Environmental community (TREC) and facilitates non-profit conservation leadership programming. He’s a proud dad and husband and an avid climber, backcountry skier, and cyclist. Originally from El Paso, TX, his work in the field of environmental education and guiding, along with personal adventures and travel, has allowed him to travel the world and truly fall in love with our country’s vast public lands. When’s he’s not out supporting grassroots organizations or advocating for public lands, you can find him outside enjoying whatever opportunities the place and season allows. He brings to Bikepacking Roots his knowledge of the outdoor and conservation community, particularly in the world of philanthropy, capacity-building, and leadership and a deep and passionate knowledge of Equity and Inclusion work and an endless passion and stoke for all things wild and fun. He’s generally a fan of Type II fun and believes that anything worth experiencing is also worth fighting for.