A New Way on Old Ground

We’re building the longest mountain bike trail in the world. It’s called Orogenesis, and it stretches from Canada to Cabo. Baja to British Colombia. Pericu to Syilix land.

Orogenesis is the geologic process of mountain forming. This process has shaped the western flanks of North America for millions of years—creating the majestic peaks, bubbling streams, and solemn forest groves that we love and cherish. The Orogenesis route winds through these landscapes, painting its story in front of your two wheels whether you’re riding all 5,000 miles or just 5.

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Tackling the development of a mountain bike route on the scale of Orogenesis is an overwhelming undertaking. We understood this limitation early on in the process and created the Orogenesis Collective—a loose conglomeration of ultra athletes, trail builders, event promoters, bikepackers, and ghost trail whisperers up and down the west coast. These scouts’ knowledge, ambition, and nose for sniffing out overgrown singletrack is what has enabled us to develop a more or less uninterrupted line for 5,000 miles along the western lip of the North American Tectonic Plate.

That being said, it’s hard to not focus on the few interruptions in this line: when you hit wilderness boundaries, a rocky chasm, a private gate, or a roaring river and are begrudgingly forced to retreat onto unexpected miles of pavement. Over the past several years we’ve attempted to refine the many alignment iterations and turn them into our preferred alignment. We found about 206 miles of ‘gaps’ where we’ve deemed there to be no current suitable option for riders. That may seem like a lot, but it’s less than 5% of the entire route—all of a sudden we realized just how close to blooming this entire juicy ribbon of trail was. The seed has germinated. Could we fast track it for a soft launch in 2023?

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