Zoey (she/her, Winthrop, WA) developed a strong aversion to biking as a child as she was dragged on a tag-a-long behind her parents on the White Rim and on a variety of other heinous family biking adventures. After swearing off the stuff in her youth, Zoey began a cautious re-exploration of mountain biking as an adult, which unexpectedly turned into a love for two wheeled adventure. Her bikepacking story began with strapping homemade bags to an old school 90’s Fuji Tahoe and heading into the mountains of Idaho. It evolved into strapping much improved homemade bags to the same bike and touring a loop of the Western Wildlands and the Great Divide Mountain Bike routes in 2023. Post loop, Zoey relocated from Salt Lake City to the North-Central region of Washington. She hopes to dive deep into the existing community in her new home, and contribute to the creation and expansion of an open, inclusive group of excited biker people!

New Mexico

Tayo Basquiat (he/him, Rio Rancho, NM). I cut my bikepacking teeth on the gravel/dirt roads and winds of North Dakota. I dig the rhythms, pace, solitude, and challenges of bikepacking. When I’ve met other bikepackers on my travels, the connection is often immediate and deep, as if we’ve been friends for years. Happily ensconced now on my little off-grid hacienda in the high desert, I’m excited to help other peeps enjoy the bikepacking experience and to help build this community. Down with cars, up with bikes!

Spencer (he/him, Tucson, AZ) was southern California raised and is currently nesting in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert.  “Ever since someone informed me I could strap camping gear to a mountain bike I have never looked back on my backpacking days.  I just want to spread stoke and ride bikes with all the rad humans.”


Shane (he/him, Wausau, WI) grew up in rural Eastern Marathon County, right on the Mountain-Bay Trail before it was a bike trail. Growing up in the 80s there weren’t designated areas to ride other than the rural roads. Shane always had the urge to explore and used his bike as a means to do so, whether winter or summer. The opening of the Mountain-Bay Trail was really exciting to Shane, and he decided to buy his first real decent bike and set out a goal to ride the entire length. Doing that really fueled his true passion today, which is bikepacking. A self-proclaimed adventure cyclist, Shane loves the process of making a route with route planning tools and apps and then going out with only the things a person needs to survive for a few days and riding it. Most recently Shane has bikepacked a Shane-modified version Sky Island Odyssey loop in southern Arizona featuring close to 30 miles of added singletrack to the existing route. He plans on using his love of adventure riding and knowledge of the area to help promote the sport to the area through IRONBULL as both a race director and board member.

(he/him, Park City, UT). My love for bikepacking boils down to the love of solitude on long and isolated dirt roads. After a self-supported bike tour across the USA in 2009, and two larger bike tours with my pup in tow – adding up to roughly 11k miles, my yearning for less pavement turned to dirt and the bike setup followed suit. Bikpacking revolutionized my life and I still live by the notion that “the road will always provide.” My main focus for the bikepacking community is route development, website development – including the new Bikepacking Roots site, Utah Bikepackers Facebook group administrator, The Bikeraft Guide contributor, and open source creative commons photography on Unsplash. Stoked to be apart of the community! Throw me an email anytime you’re looking for a dirt partner. Cheers!

Patrick (he/him) has 4 years of experience creating the routes, leading rides on, and organizing bikepacking races as a part of his Texas SHOWDOWN series. Patrick is the host and creator of the Bikes or Death podcast, “At its heart, Bikes or Death is more than just a podcast. Bikes or Death is a lifestyle. It’s the idea that a life without bikes is a life not worth living.”


Nathan (he/him, Frankfort, KY) is the owner and content creator of Kentucky Cycling, a passion project aimed at promoting cycling resources in Kentucky and the surrounding region.  Nathan sees the bicycle as the ideal exploration tool and especially loves multi-day adventures by bike and actively encourages others to “get out there”.  To that end, he has worked with area partners to develop multiple bikepacking routes in Kentucky, as well as led group trips through the Central Kentucky Bikepackers Facebook group.  Be sure to check out the Bikepacking playlist on the Kentucky Cycling YouTube channel to follow Nathan’s adventures.

Mick (he/him, Big Spring, TX) is co-founder Trail Warrior, a 501c3 non-profit providing guided Veteran expeditions in the form of adventure cycling and bikepacking trips.  “While living near Reno/Tahoe and then Boise for years, I loved to take opportunities to go explore local trails by bike. I personally discovered bikepacking in 2014 and have never looked back. I’m either on a ride, telling stories about the last one, or planning the next one. Sharing the adventure of exploration by bike with those who served our country is a great way to give back.”


Matt McCourtney (he/him, Johnsville, CA) is an adventure enthusiast.   From quick backyard blasts to deep dives into multi-day human powered travel, each adventures seems to inspire the next. With a background in cycling, commercial photography and backcountry fly-fishing guiding, Matt truly enjoys emerging himself in wild places and getting off the beaten track. If he is not in the backcountry, you can bet he is dreaming of his next adventure that will get him right back out there again.   See you out in the wild…

New Mexico

Matt (he/him, Las Cruces, NM) has always sought out the wild and natural spaces in the world and encouraged others to do the same.  His passion for sharing the outdoors started by leading the neighborhood kids off the playground and into the creeks of southern Iowa.  After college, the kids and creeks got bigger as he lead volunteer groups into the Grand Canyon to remove invasive plant species.  Currently residing in southern New Mexico, he created the Monumental Loop and a series of group rides designed to connect locals to the newly established Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.