The Bikepacker's Guide

First published in 2015 the Bikepacker’s Guide was the first guidebook dedicated to bikepacking. Now revised in this 2nd Edition, the book still breaks down trip planning and bikepacking skills and now includes additional resources on navigation, positive impact practices, mindset, and all the checklists you need for a successful bikepacking trip. Whether you are a first-time bikepacker looking for guidance or an experienced bikepacker looking for new ideas, this book offers resources for all. Stories from a variety of bikepackers contribute inspiration and perspective to help and encourage you to get out on your first, or next, bikepacking adventure!

Building on the 2nd Edition of the print Bikepacker’s Guide, Bikepacking Roots has developed The Bikepacker’s Guide Virtual Workshops Series, presented by Revelate Designs. This educational how-to series will provide bikepackers (and aspiring bikepackers) with a virtual learning opportunity to develop and strengthen essential skills for bikepacking. Kait Boyle will teach online workshops for beginner and intermediate bikepackers.

See below for a calendar and links to register for the workshops. We recommend joining live so you have a chance to ask questions and interact with Kait. However, we also plan on recording these workshops and the videos will be posted here for future viewing and sharing.

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Workshop Schedule and Descriptions

Wednesday, November 29th. 5pm MST

Getting started: Planning your route & trip. 

This first webinar will start with what draws so many of us to bikepacking in the first place: where you can go! While iconic cross-country or state long routes inspire so many bikepackers, we’re going to kick off this how-to series with how to plan your bikepacking routes. We’ll explore various resources for finding routes. We’ll also address how to choose a route that is right for you and considerations in planning that will set you up for success while out bikepacking. This topic will lay the foundation for the following sessions on bikes, gear, logistics, mindset, bikepacking skills and navigation.

Wednesday, December 13th. 5pm MST

Bikepacking bikes & gear: Bike set up, gear selection, packing your bike. 

The second workshop of the series will be focused on bike set up, gear selection and packing your bike. We’ll discuss ways to set up your bike for comfort on your route, different strategies for loading your bike depending on terrain and riding surface, and the timeless discussion of balancing traveling light while also being prepared and comfortable. In this workshop we’ll address solutions to common challenges including DIY solutions to bikepacking specific bags, fitting everything on smaller bikes, and packing to improve bike handling and energy. Kait’s goal for this session is for everyone to leave with new strategies for having the most svelte, balanced, and intentionally packed bikes to improve their riding experience while bikepacking! Resources shared for live participants will include packing lists for any bikepacking trip, a bikepacking repair kit list and a bikepacking first aid kit list.

Wednesday, January 10th. 5pm MST

Eat, drink, ride, repeat: Planning food & water, bikepacking nutrition and navigating resupplies.

What do I eat? How much do I pack? Where do I get food? How do I find reliable water? These are all some of the most common questions considered by bikepackers prior to every trip. In this workshop Kait will share all things bikepacking food & water. Topics covered will include food planning to move away from just bars and dehydrated meals, planning food to fuel your body, maximize energy and recovery while preventing bonking, what bonking is and how to prevent it, planning for and executing a smooth resupply, and planning for and finding water while out bikepacking. Resources shared for live participants will include bikepacking menus.

Wednesday, January 24th. 5pm MST

Innovators & Builders of Bikepacking Gear: Bikepacking bags care, repair, systems and DIY with Revelate Designs.  

Join us with Revelate Designs founder, Eric Parsons, to take a deep dive into bikepacking bags. Eric started Revelate Designs in 2007 and has been at the forefront of innovating the bikepacking bags you see across the market today. He’ll cover techniques for home and field care and repair of your bikepacking bags, share DIY strategies to make the most with fewer bags, and highlight strategies for streamlining your kit to maximize your packing and riding experience.

Wednesday, February 7th. 5pm MST

Caring for the Bikepacking body & mind: Self-care & mindset while bikepacking.

If it’s true that endurance sports are 90% mental, then this is the workshop to best prepare you for bikepacking! Kait will draw on her experience from years of successful, failed, challenging, and rewarding bikepacking trips around the world and from her career in ultra-racing to share tools for taking care of the mind and body while out bikepacking. She’ll share practices for preventing common physical ailments as well as strategies for preventing and overcoming mental struggles when out bikepacking.

Wednesday, February 21st. 5pm MST

Get Inspired, Not Lost: Advanced route building tools and navigation with Ride with GPS.

Join us for a virtual workshop with guest instructor, Alex, from Ride With GPS for a workshop designed to take your route building and navigation skills to the next level. Building on our first workshop where we cover route planning, this workshop will share informative and important skills for being self sufficient in route planning from scratch and navigation while out riding. Using the Ride With GPS platform (web and app), we’ll discuss importing and editing existing routes for your use, tricks for easy transfer of routes to devices, navigating and using your routes offline, and tricks for using your phone as a resource for navigation and route finding while out riding. This workshop will be most effective for those with a foundational understanding of GPS navigation and have familiarized themselves with the basic functions of Ride With GPS.

Wednesday, March 6th. 5pm MST

While out bikepacking: camping, bike maintenance, Love Where You Ride.

A well-planned route, well-packed bike, sound food and water strategy, and all the mental tools will only get you so far. In this workshop we’ll address the final of the cornerstone bikepacking skills – camping and traveling with style and competence. These skills will contribute to sound risk management while bikepacking and also contribute to your ability to have a positive impact on the landscape and communities you engage with while bikepacking. Because so many specific camp skills are gear specific (like shelters and stoves), this workshop will take a zoomed out lens to the skills around campsite selection, camp set-up, bike maintenance, and Leave No Trace. This is the workshop that covers topics that influence bikepacker’s safety and comfort while camping as well as the impact they have on their surroundings while out bikepacking.

Wednesday, March 20th. 5pm MST

Fixed In the field: Troubleshooting bikepacking mechanicals with Upshift Workshop!

What do you do if _____ breaks when you’re out bikepacking? Mechanicals far from home with limited tools on hand are a common concern for folks starting out, or even have experience, bikepacking. In this session Leah Fantle from Upshift Workshop will join us to teach the skills necessary to repair common field mechanicals.

To learn more about the Bikepacker’s Guide, 2nd Edition or to purchase a print, PDF or EPUB copy, click here.